FUN STUFF - Fun Facts
FUN STUFF - Fun Facts
Apple is made of 25% air that is why they float. Apples, onions & potatoes all have the same taste. Try the test: Pinch your nose & take a bite of each.
Cabbage is 91% water. Carrots were originally purple in color, changing in the 17th century to orange with newer varieties.
Corn always has an even no. of ears Eggplants (brinjals) are actually fruits, and classified botanically as berries.
Honey is the only edible food for humans that will never go bad Orange does not rhyme with any other word.
Peanuts are one of the ingredients in dynamite Pear is a fruit that ripens from inside out
Strawberry is the only fruit which has its seeds on its outer skin The word health comes from the Anglo-Saxon term ''hal'' meaning ''wholeness.'' Additionally ''Nutrition'' is derived from the Latin ''nutrie,'' meaning feed, nurse, preserve, or support.
Due to poor nutrition as children, many Greeks & Romans were shorter than people today. Men from Pompeii, for example averaged 5 ft 5 ½ inch & women averaged 5 ft. 2 inch. It must have been so emasculating, getting dunked on by girls all the time on the basketball court. Peanut is actually a legume, not a nut (which is why they are often roasted.)
Green tipped bananas are better for health than over ripe bananas Broccoli contains twice the Vitamin C of an orange & as much Calcium as whole milk, with better absorption
1 cup of air popped popcorn contains more antioxidants, in the form of polyphenols, than the average fruit/vegetable. Similarly Walnuts have more antioxidants than blueberries, cranberries, blackberries & currants. Protein is highly thermogenic – when it is consumed, the body burns off up to 35% of its total calories during digestion alone. Calorie burn from carbohydrates & fat falls in between 5 – 15% of total calories.
Despite its saturated fat content, coconut oil is widely considered a healthy fat that can enhance heart health and weight loss. It is comprised of roughly 50% Medium chain fatty acids in the form of lauric acid, which boosts immunity, sparks metabolism, & is more easily burnt off in the body. An Italian research team found out in 2003 that people who ate pizza on the regular basis were far less likely to develop esophageal, colon and mouth cancer.
A 2010 study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology found that 48% of fountain soda drinks contained fecal bacteria; 11% contained E. coli Neither strawberries, raspberries nor blackberries are actually berries. Bananas, tomatoes, pumpkin, watermelon & avocado are all berries. In fact pumpkin although labeled as a vegetable, contains seeds & is technically a fruit.
A 2010 study in the Journal of Pain found that ginger can help reduce exercise-induced muscle pain by up to 25%. 1 in every 8 Americans has been employed by Mc Donald's
Adding citrus juice to green tea stabilizes its catechins content, boosting the level of antioxidants that survive the digestive system up to 13 fold. Drying fruit causes massive nutrient loss, depleting 30-80% of its vitamin & antioxidant content
You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television.